Macy’s shooter suspect arrested – Surprise! He’s not Hispanic

The suspect in Friday’s Washington mall massacre has been arrested and it turns out he is Middle Eastern not Hispanic, as reported.

According to his father’s Facebook page, 20-year-old Arcan Cetin, who was was arrested Saturday night, was born in Turkey and immigrated to Oak Harbor with his parents.

Mount Vernon Police Department Lt. Chris Cammock said during a press conference Saturday night that Cetin is a legal permanent resident of the United States.

Authorities were not willing “rule out or rule in” as a motive in the attack that occurred in the makeup department of the Macy’s at the Cascade Mall where his ex-girlfriend used to work, King 5 reported.

Arcan Cetin via MySpace.
Arcan Cetin via MySpace.

His unnamed ex-girlfriend hasn’t worked there in months so, while police are uncertain about Cetin’s motive, they believe that is why he choose that location. And there were several unconfirmed reports that he yelled out a woman’s name before opening fire.

Arcan Cetin via Facebook.
Arcan Cetin via Facebook.

Cetin was arrested without incident in, what authorities called, a “zombie-like state.”

“At the corner of 7th Avenue NE and Oak Harbor Road, I saw an individual walking northbound on the sidewalk and I instantly recognized that this is the person that I just viewed on my computer,” Island County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Mike Hawley said at the press conference.

Arcan Cetin being arrested.
Arcan Cetin being arrested.

The 20 year old took his father’s legally purchased guns, drove to the mall and murdered four women and one man.

The suspect did not make any attempt to get away from the arrest, which was captured on amatuer video.

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