Clinton campaign strategist can’t explain why Cheryl Mills needs immunity – he finally gives up

If Cheryl Mills, the former chief of staff for Hillary Clinton, did absolutely nothing wrong while working for the then-secretary of state, why is she now asking the FBI for limited immunity?

It didn’t make sense to Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace, so he posed the question to senior Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benenson, who couldn’t say either — although he tried.

Fox News Channel clip via The Washington Free Beacon

“Let’s turn to another issue,” Wallace said. “We learned on Friday that as part of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email system that Cheryl Mills, her chief of staff when Clinton was secretary of state, that she was one of the people, five people, who received limited immunity. How do you explain that, Joel?”

Wallace didn’t accept Benenson’s reply that granting limited immunity was routine — it didn’t answer why she felt she needed it, so the Fox News host repeated the question — and the strategist gave another non-answer.

“Because the reason for that, Chris, is so that if you’re handing over a vast amount of materials, something like your computer or your blackberry or whatever, it could be files that they want, that are not germane or relevant, it could be conversations with anybody else, your accountant, somebody–” Benenson said.

He then claimed that immunity was offered to Mills, so she naturally accepted. But Wallace knew better.

“Well, they didn’t offer it to her,” Wallace told him. “Cheryl Mills asked for it.”

At that point Benenson returned to the “it’s a routine procedure” argument, which Wallace questioned and still didn’t answer why she felt she needed it.

“Actually, I’ll be honest,” Wallace said. “I didn’t– I don’t know that.”

Finally the strategist said, “So, that they can get a good look at the information that is germane to their investigation. That’s what they wanted. They wanted to make sure they had access to Cheryl Mills’ information about emails.”

But that still didn’t answer why Mills felt she needed limited immunity.


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