James Woods’ daily liberal spanking takes a piece out of Charlotte rioters

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Go figure. A black cop shoots an armed black thug on the mean streets of Charlotte, and everyone takes it as an “all you can carry” sale at the local freetail establishments.

The looters … er, “protesters” set fires, destroyed buildings, attacked random white people just for being white, tried to toss photographers into fires, and, of course, gathered as much free stuff as they could possibly carry… all in the name of justice and peace, or something.

Conservative actor and Twitter warrior James Woods, however, is having none of it:

Of course, the typical liberal response to Woods’ tweet went something like this:


But most didn’t seem to be buying the lame canard.


And finally, a truth that often goes right above the heads of people with nothing better to do than wreak havoc on the streets:


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Scott Morefield

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