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The Clinton ‘immune system’: Eric Trump calls Hillary’s ‘evasion of justice . . . really bad stuff’

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Eric Trump called the latest shocker about Hillary Clinton’s staff FBI immunity deals “disturbing.”

The son of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump slammed the behavior by Clinton and other government officials involved in the controversy as he weighed in on the latest report that the Justice Department had granted immunity to a total of five people connected with the email scandal, including Clinton’s State Department chief of staff, Cheryl Mills.

“It’s so disturbing,” Trump said Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered.”

“When you’re lying to the Department of Justice, when you’re lying to Congress, when you’re lying to the FBI, when you lie to the American people, you lie under oath and nothing happens about it,” he continued, adding that the investigation is a “joke” and has become a “circus.”

“This is evasion of justice. This is really bad stuff. She was secretary of state. She deleted 15,000 emails after Congress said you’re not allowed to delete emails,” he said.

The FBI released nearly 200 pages of interview summaries on Friday that were conducted while investigating Clinton’s private email server. Interviews with top Clinton aides revealed new information including the use of a pseudonym by President Obama as he communicated with then-secretary of state Clinton via email. Longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin was amazed and asked “How is this not classified?” when she was told about Obama’s alias.

“There’s no one in my generation who wants to go onto politics,” Trump noted. “We have so little faith in our politicians and this is the reason why.”

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