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Jimmy Kimmel says Hillary Clinton is just too boring to be funny

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Late night comedy TV show host Jimmy Kimmel recently noted that the reason he doesn’t make fun of Hillary Clinton more often on his show is because she is just too boring to be funny.

Kimmel noted that he has seen many Trump supporters slamming him on social media because he is always attacking Donald Trump but almost never slams Hillary.

“You know, I do make more jokes about Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton,” he said. “There’s no question about it, but that’s just because Hillary Clinton is boring,” The Hill newspaper reported.

Kimmel pointed to the recent public appearances of the two candidates as proof of his point.

“Hillary Clinton spent the day in Orlando at a youth center talking about the economy, yawn,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host said. “Whereas Donald Trump today visited a African-American church with boxing promoter Don King.”

Despite Kimmel’s claims that Hillary is too boring, though, his refusal to skewer her still smacks of his personal, left-wing politics.

After all, what could leave Hillary more open to ridicule and jokes than her email scandal? But even of that, Kimmel said he won’t use her illicit email server as fodder for jokes because “[Hillary’s] emails are very boring.”

It seems that “boring” is Kimmel’s code for “hey, I can’t attack my own candidate”!

After all, Jimmy Kimmel has a very long history of attacking people on the center right while often ignoring the idiosyncrasies of liberals. Take the time Kimmel slapped Christians and used Jesus to mock Republicans, for example. And throughout this campaign Kimmel has been seen giving Hillary free, uncritical air time on his show.

That isn’t to say that Kimmel has never slammed the left. In one hilarious segment, for instance, Kimmel used Trump’s tax plan to trick Hillary supporters into thinking they were agreeing with Hillary’s tax plan. Turned out these Hillary supporters liked Trump’s tax plan more than they liked Hillary’s even though they didn’t realize that is what they were doing.


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