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If this FORMER Democrat town is an indicator for the election … wow, look out Hillary

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CBS recently decided to descend upon a small Ohio town with deep Democrat roots and found a huge following for GOP nominee Donald Trump. The Democrats in Struthers, Ohio, are so all in for Trump it makes a revealing look at the candidate’s reach into normally Democrat working class towns.

Ohio is an important battleground state and if the CBS report from September 21 is any indication, Trump has made some major inroads with Democrat voters.

The quotes from some of these Democrat voters who support Trump for president are amazing and in some ways very telling.

For instance, one man who said he is a long-time union member told CBS that he is voting Trump because Obamacare has killed him with a $650 a month hike in healthcare premiums.

“They just don’t get it anymore with us,” Kulow said of the Democratic Party. “Maybe in an upscale area or downscale, maybe they’ll resonate. But around here — all working class and middle class, everyone has left the Democratic party. I can’t see myself ever going back.”

Another voter said that since Mitt Romney hates Trump, that makes Trump all the more appealing to Democrat voters.

“They know he’s not really a Republican, and that Mitt Romney hates him, so that helps,” Psaric said of the voters in his community. “So instead it’s like, ‘I’m not becoming a country club Republican, I’m a part of Trump’s party.’”

A second long-time union member who has voted Democrat all his life said he is supporting Trump because the GOP candidate “will bring back jobs.”

Even the Democrat mayor of Stuthers was caught with a “Trump for President” sign in his yard, CBS reported.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton received some very harsh words. As CBS talked to voters in Struthers its reporters found that most people there think Clinton is a liar. The report notes that “lair” was the word most used to describe her.

CBS found that the majority of Democrats they talked to in Struthers, Ohio, intended to vote for Donald Trump in November. If this is being repeated in blue collar, middle class, hard working towns like Struthers throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania, it just might mean that Donald Trump will become our next president.


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