‘Situation becoming unsafe’; Reporters forced to flee Charlotte as rioters attack media from all sides

As violence escalated in Charlotte, N.C. Wednesday night, reporters became part of the story as protesters turned on the media.

CNN anchor Don Lemon stopped the broadcast feed as a CNN camera crew was confronted by rioters who attempted to block the camera yelling “F**king liars!”

“As happens in these particular situations, the crowd gets out of control and then they try to assault or at least intimidate our camera people and our news people,” Lemon said.

Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan got into a verbal confrontation with a woman he was interviewing when she accused him of wanting video to “make a f**king fabricated story” about what was going on.

As tensions mounted for the second night in Charlotte following the fatal shooting of Keith Scott, a black man, by police,  North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency.

Media crews found themselves becoming part of the story as reporters attempted to cover the rioting.

CNN’s Ed Lavandera was knocked down while he was reporting live and other stories surfaced of confrontations between media and the rioters, including disturbing footage of a photographer who was almost thrown into a fire.

Camera crews and reporters eventually began to evacuate the volatile area.

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