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Maniacal liberal harasses Trump supporter, goes BERSERK when cop won’t let her play victim

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While GOP nominee Donald Trump may have the “deplorable” market cornered, according to rival Hillary Clinton, he stands little hope of extending that monopoly to the “deranged,” who appear to be firmly in the Democratic nominee’s corner.

A maniacal woman — in every sense of the word — posted a video of herself describing an encounter she had with a man she claimed is a Donald Trump supporter. She said she passes the man’s house each day when taking her child to school and took offense to a “Hillary for Prison” sign in the man’s yard.

The incredible irony in all this is that the foul-mouthed woman clearly believes SHE is the rational one.

“I was passing it today […] and there was a big, ugly redneck guy standing in the driveway, so I gave him the finger,” the animated woman explained. “Which I’m allowed to do with my First Amendment freedom of speech rights.”

“And this mother f**ker got in his car and chased me!” the woman continued, as she sat on the side of the road after a police officer got involved.

The cop — when he could get a word in edgewise — tried to appeal to the woman to not let her emotions get the better of her and to “just move on” instead of giving obscene gestures to those she disagrees with, and this really set her off.

“There’s a racist, xenophobic maniac running for president and that guy is supporting him!” she cried.

No matter how hard the poor cop tried to reason with the woman and appeal to her not to “start fights,” she insisted she did nothing wrong.

“I only gave him the finger one time and if he is too much of a p*ssy to be able to accept that from a woman that’s his problem,” the lunatic woman practically screamed, before going on to play the sexist card.

“Men will always have the upper-hand in this country until we elect a woman,” she whined, when it became crystal clear the cop had enough of her.

While the video runs more than 10 minutes, a more hilarious 10 minutes you will not spend.

Tom Tillison


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