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Furious woman confronts dad dragging daughter through Wal-Mart by her hair

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A good Samaritan shocked by what she saw at a Cleveland, Texas, Wal-Mart posted photos on social media to call attention to the travesty.

In the photos, a man is seen pushing a shopping cart with a little girl’s hair wrapped around the handle as the clearly distressed child walks alongside the cart struggling to keep pace.

Erika Burch took the photos and confronted “the POS,” who told her to mind her own business.

“Please stop, I promise I won’t do it again,” Burch said the little girl was begging the man, who turned out to be her father. “Please stop.”

Burch called the police and, as fate would have it, an officer happened to be in the store and showed up almost immediately.

Unfortunately, she said the man was not arrested because there was “no visible bruises nor was her hair missing.”

Cleveland Police Chief Darrel Broussard told local affiliate ABC13 investigators are meeting with the family.

“Police are concerned at this time for the children who may be in the home with the dad who appeared to have been a little aggressive at the time,” Broussard said.

Burch later posted a video on Facebook saying she has no regrets.

“People are telling me I’m wrong for stepping up for this little girl, but you can discipline a child without dragging them by the hair on their head, especially in Wal-Mart,” she said.

“I want help for that little girl so that she knows nobody is supposed to do that to her,” Burch concluded.

Tom Tillison


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