Fox News reporter feels protester’s wrath: You wanna make a ‘f***ing fabricated story!’

Some of the demonstrators protesting a recent police-involved shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina found something else to protest in addition to law enforcement — Fox News.

Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan was covering the second night of protest Wednesday when he was confronted by one of the demonstrators.

“Black people get shot every day, right?” the woman shouted, getting into the reporter’s face. “It’s okay for that, right?!”

When Harriman noted that he’d heard gunshots during the demonstration and wondered if the woman might be safer if she were off the streets, she shouted that it didn’t much matter where she was, that she “could still get shot by the police!”

When he asked her about the second shooting that night she said, “You want video so you can put it on their news, right?”

When Harriman assured her there was nothing to “put on the news” — that they were broadcasting live, she demonstrated one of the dangers of live feeds by throwing out an F-bomb..

“That’s what you’re trying to find out,” She shouted. “If we have a video [of the second shooting that evening] so that you can elaborate and make a f**king fabricated story.” about the events of that evening.


H/T: Mediate


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