Social media freaks out when Don King says the N-word introducing Donald Trump

World renowned boxing promoter Don King received scorn on social media after he made a slip up as he introduced Donald Trump in a predominately black church in Cleveland, Ohio on Wednesday.

But during the introduction, where he used the word “negro” several times, he accidentally uttered the n word.

“If you’re poor, you’re a poor negro,” King recalled telling pop star Michael Jackson, “I would use the N-word.”

“But if you’re rich, you are a rich negro. If you are intelligent, intellectual, you’re an intellectual negro. If you’re a dancing and sliding and gliding n***er – I mean negro – you are dancing and sliding a gliding negro. — You know, you’re gonna be a negro til you die,” he recalled.

Social media went wild after the mistake.

Not everyone was as outraged.

And others mocked how the media started to try to spin it as if Trump said the word.

Carmine Sabia


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