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Raw emotion captured as veteran confronts Charlotte riot police: ‘I don’t hate you, man!’

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Black Lives Matter protesters took to rioting in the streets in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tuesday night in response to the fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a black man who was killed after police saw him leave his car at an apartment complex holding a gun.

In addition to having a weapon, as The Charlotte Observer reported, Scott was killed by a black police officer.

But facts have become irrelevant in President Barack Obama’s post-racial America and police have been put in an impossible position — 12 officers were injured by rioters on Tuesday. With a critical presidential election looming, expect plenty of sympathy from the media and Democratic politicians.

Sympathy helped along by a dramatic video capturing a well-meaning, albeit misinformed veteran who confronted riot police in Charlotte.

“I’m a veteran, bro. I love my country. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” the man tells an officer. “When I look at you, I don’t hate you, man! But how many times do you expect me to look the other way?”

‘DAMN! He just flat out said it’ – ‘All white people are f**king devils!’

Despite data showing there are fewer police shootings than 20-30 years ago, liberals continue to push a narrative that there is an epidemic of young black men being hunted down by police. Ultimately, cops do not target black men — they target possible criminals and you must comply because they’re risking their lives with every stop.

Tom Tillison


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