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Steven Crowder sets gun-grabbers’ hair on fire across America with one genius tweet

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When you get the chance to blast the gun control narrative with a hole so big you could literally drive a Mack truck through it, you take it.

That’s exactly what conservative comedian and radio host Steven Crowder did when, in light of the recent spate of terrorist attacks on American soil, he tweeted this epic, fact-filled image at gun haters everywhere:

Since most citizens are law-abiding, it would stand to reason that most guns in the hands of private citizens would serve to protect against, rather than help commit crimes.

And since crime and terrorism can happen anywhere these days (especially since the powers-that-be are hellbent on bringing as many Muslims here as they can) and with any tool, why not have as many guns in law-abiding hands as possible? Because as has been proven over and over again, a properly armed citizen in the right place at the right time can SAVE lives – which is exactly what happened.



Of course, several Tweeters made the point that the police stopped the Chelsea attacker, which is true, but ironic for them to point out, since these people are normally out castigating police. So, which is it?

The point is, as Crowder notes, “the tools that stopped them are paramount.”

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Scott Morefield


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