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Sounds like Hillary needs her blankie: ‘This election can be downright depressing’

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She misses the irony in her own words.

Before a crowd of supporters at Temple University on September 19, Hillary Clinton spoke about how the nation needs a leader to do the “hard” job of governing and followed that up saying plaintively, “This election, in particular, can be downright depressing sometimes.”

Politics are not only “depressing” to the former Secretary of State whose whole life has been spent in politics, but it is also “discouraging,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Makes one wonder why she has spent 60 years doing it?

But maybe Clinton does have something to cry about. It seems that Donald Trump is gaining on her in polls everywhere.

Not only has Trump gained on Hillary in polls such as the Monmouth University poll, he has also cut into her near 100% lock on the African-American vote gaining over 16 points in only a week. If the latter holds and/or grows it really could doom Hillary in the close battleground states.


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