Geraldo Rivera invents new phrase to describe NYC bombing, sends social media into a frenzy

Gerlado Rivera was on the scene of the terrorist bombing in New York City on Sunday when he coined a new phrase to describe the attack that injured 29 people.

The Fox News personality described the bomb that was detonated Saturday night in the Chelsea section of Manhattan correctly as a “rudimentary device,” but used an unfortunate choice of words after that.

“I can’t for the life of me think why they would choose this place as the target. There’s absolutely no strategic value,” he said. “It’s almost like terror vandalism.”

Steve Rogers, a former officer with the FBI joint terrorism task force, explained that the bombing could be used as “probing the response time, number of first responders (and) where to place ieds” before a possible bigger attack.

“To go out there and say it’s terror vandalism, you really don’t want to be saying that either,” former NYPD commander Joe Cardinale said, adding that the bomber might feel that Geraldo is “challenging (him) to put a better device out there.”

While Rivera is correct in many ways that the attack appreared to lack a strategy, social media users took issue with what they saw as  his sanitization of terrorism.

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Carmine Sabia


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