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Michelle Obama asks the ONE question she definitely shouldn’t have while stumping for Hillary

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Did first lady Michelle Obama really think this one through?

Taking to the stump in Fairfax, Virginia, on Friday in her first solo campaign appearance for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Obama hit the crowd with a question that proved to be more than enticing — for Republicans.

“Do you really want to go back to the way things were before Barack was president?” the first lady asked.

Never mind that Obama couldn’t resist reminding Clinton how husband Barack “knocked” the candidate on her backside in 2008.

“When she didn’t win the presidency in 2008, she didn’t throw in the towel,” Mrs. Obama said. “She once again answered the call to serve, keeping us safe as our secretary of state. And let me tell you, Hillary has the resilience that it takes to do this job. See, because when she gets knocked down, she doesn’t complain or cry foul. No, she gets right back up and she comes back stronger for the people who need her the most.”

As for going back to the way things were before President Barack Obama, social media users had a field day with the inquiry.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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