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‘That’s not gonna fly!’ Megyn Kelly takes aim at Trump spox over birther issue

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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly did nothing to dispel the notion among many Donald Trump supporters that she has utter contempt for the Republican presidential candidate Thursday night.

In a heated battle on the latest edition of “The Kelly File,” the host laced into Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson while she was trying to answer Kelly’s question about Trump’s latest interview with the Washington Post.

In it, Trump was asked if he believes President Obama was born in the United States to which Trump declared he didn’t “want to answer it yet” but would “answer that question at the right time.”

Not good enough for Kelly who demanded Pierson answer why Trump wouldn’t just say he believes Obama was born in America.

“Simply because he has said that he does not talk about that anymore,” Pierson said. “First thing is Barack Obama is not on the ballot … “

“No Kartina, no!” Kelly interrupted. “That’s not gonna fly!”

“This is gonna fly Megyn! Because this is completely irrelevant. This is completely irrelevant to the election cycle,” Pierson fired back.

Kelly insisted it was relevant because there are many “African-Americans who feel that position was a racist position.”

But when Pierson tried to explain that Trump’s numbers with African-Americans, particularly in South Carolina, are on the rise, Kelly again interrupted her by saying “That’s a dodge” three times.

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Trump did end up addressing the birther issue, but not exaclty the way the press would’ve liked. Check out the firestorm Trump created HERE.

Carmine Sabia


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