Tantrum on steroids! Angry press shouts at Trump, destroy footage in retaliation for being duped

Donald Trump may have crossed the point of no return with the media, again.

Reporters are throwing a temper tantrum, refusing to air footage of a tour of Trump’s new hotel and according to sources, went so far as to erase the tape, in retaliation for how they say he treated them.

Trump’s press pool was already miffed at being relegated to the back of the room for a press conference being held in his new Washington D.C. hotel. Though the Republican presidential nominee had said he would be addressing the “birther” issue, the reporters became more incensed as they watched promotions for the hotel and military veterans praising Trump.

He finally did address the topic at hand, but in a very brief statement before leaving the room. The members of the press did not get to ask any questions and they were pretty angry  – to put it mildly.

On a tour of the hotel that followed, photographers and cameras were invited along but the reporters were not. In fact, they claimed they were were physically restrained.

Incensed, the press pool reacted as expected, with some foot-stomping threats to erase the footage of the hotel tour.

The backlash against Trump by the press has erupted into unprecedented hostility, as the mainstream media tries to wrap its head around it all.

Wonder how much sympathy they will get.

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Frieda Powers


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