Stranded reporters get bent out of shape when Trump gleefully starts rally without them

Donald Trump demonstrated that the campaign was all about his supporters Thursday night when news media were stuck and couldn’t get to the Laconia, New Hampshire event in time for its opening.

Knowing that many of the people had already waited hours for the rally, the Republican presidential nominee declined the reporters’ request to delay the start. and appeared pleased with himself doing it.

Clip via CNN

“I have really good news for you,” Trump said. “I just heard that the press is stuck on their airplane, they can’t get here. I love it.”

He told them that the reporters are “going to be about 30 minutes late. They called us and said, ‘could you wait!’ I said ‘absolutely not,’ let’s get going!”

The reporters voiced their anger at the snub on social media, beginning with CNN Politics reporter Jeremy Diamond.

And he provided a photo of the steaming press.

NY CNN correspondent, Phil Mattingly seemed particularly peeved:

And when the reporters finally arrived how much of the rally were they able to report on? Not much, according to The New York Times; Nick Corasaniti.

And how did the regular folks see it? Here are a few examples:

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H/T: TheBlaze

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