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Pastor’s incriminating post vanishes amid speculation Trump was ‘set-up’ during Flint speech

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Donald Trump thought “something was up” when he was interrupted by a pastor as he delivered a speech in Michigan– and it turns out his instincts are right.

As the Republican presidential nominee began to criticize Hillary Clinton in his comments at Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint on Wednesday, Rev. Faith Green Timmons came on stage and scolded Trump.

“Excuse me, Trump” she said, interrupting him. “I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint, not give a political speech.”

Trump graciously complied but thought there was something a bit odd about the pastor’s demeanor.

“Well, I was in Flint yesterday and it was a very interesting experience and got unbelievably good treatment from people, I must say, and even in that audience, the treatment was great,” he said Thursday in a phone interview on “Fox and Friends.”

“But something was up because I noticed she was so nervous when she introduced me,” Trump noted. “When she got up to introduce me she was so nervous she was shaking.”

Trump thought that the interruption by Timmons was probably pre-planned and said  “she had that in mind, there’s no question about it.”

Fox News covered an incriminating Facebook by the pastor and called it a possible “trap for Trump.”

“Today is our day!” began the post which has since been removed.

“We have our chance to show Donald Trump that this nation is filled with intelligent, wise black citizens of integrity many of whom live right in Flint, Michigan,” she wrote. “What he will see is how we are braving a man-made catastrophe. HE WILL NOT USE US, WE will EDUCATE HIM!!!”

Timmons defended her interruption of Trump, saying she believed she “represented Flint well.”

Of course, many wondered if Timmons would have interrupted certain prominent Democrats if they had been invited to speak at the church.

“I mean, everyone plays their games. It doesn’t bother me,” Trump said on Fox.

But the incident did seem to to bother social media users who, along with those who applauded Timmons, laid down some heavy criticism of the minister.

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