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Donald Trump’s on a roll! Best polling yet in key states open a path to victory

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Donald Trump’s path to victory isn’t quite as rocky as it once was.

Likely thanks to a combination of Trump’s vastly improved campaigning along with Hillary Clinton’s gaffes (“deplorables” anyone?) and the uncertainty surrounding her health, the populist billionaire businessman continues to surge in the polls.

In Ohio, a state Trump must win to have any shot at the presidency, the latest Bloomberg poll has the Republican nominee leading by 5 percentage points among likely voters, regardless of third-party candidate participation.

Florida, another must-win state, is much the same way, with Trump enjoying a 4 point head-to-head lead against Clinton in the CNN/ORC poll, 50 percent to 46 percent, and a 3 point advantage when third-party candidates are in the mix.

Surprisingly, Trump is beginning to catch Clinton in the traditionally blue state of Maine, where Clinton only leads by 3 points – 42 percent to 39 percent – in the Colby College/Boston Glove survey – which, incidentally, was taken before Clinton’s Sunday collapse.

This is good news for Trump, because in order to win the general consensus is he will have to begin making solid moves to shift the electoral map, and that includes capturing at least one or two traditionally Democratic states. Colby College political science professor Dan Shea put it this way, “Mainers for the first time in a while are going to have to pay attention to the statewide race for president. The Clinton campaign can no longer take this state for granted.”

To put Trump’s gains in perspective, Clinton had been up by 7 to 10 percentage points in the Pine Tree State.

In Colorado, a state once considered a long shot for the Republican, the new Reuters/Ipsos survey has Trump narrowing a previously insurmountable lead to only two percentage points, 41 percent to Clinton’s 43.

And just in case anyone thought third-party hopeful Evan McMullen, a Mormon, had a snowball’s chance to play spoiler in Utah, Trump is currently leading there by 15 points.

Finally, the country’s only daily national tracking poll, conducted by the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times (which often trends ahead of other polls), has Trump with his biggest lead yet nationally at 5 points.

The other national polls are closing fast, and as they do, a Trump win in November is becoming less and less inconceivable by the day.

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