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‘South Park’ season opener makes news for mocking Kaepernick, and Black Lives Matter

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Comedy Central’s “South Park” season 20 opener Wednesday will ridicule San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick as well as the Black Lives Matter movement.

And the adult animated sitcom will do it to the tune of — what else? — “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Clip via Comedy Central

Comedy Central released a teaser clip from the show that depicts a group of fans at the stadium where they begin favoring both the quarterback and the movement.

“Colin Kaepernick is brave,” they sing to the national anthem. “Cops are pigs, cops are pigs.”

But then something happens to give the crowd an attitude adjustment.

Wait, someone just took my stuff, I need to call the cops!
Oh no, I just said cops are pigs!
Who’s gonna help me get my stuff?
Why did I listen to Colin Kaepernick?
He’s not even any good.


Then they revert back to their original premise.

Oh, I just got all my stuff back
Cops are pigs again, cops are pigs
Colin Kaepernick’s a good backup”


Hypocrisy, thy name is Kaepernick (and BLM).

The practice of sitting — changed to going down on one knee — originated with Kaepernick, but was soon picked up by Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall.

At last Sunday’s game, played on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack, at least four members of the Miami Dolphins followed suit, which many Americans, including supermodel Kate Upton, found “unacceptable.”

People have had strong feeling on both sides of the issue. Celebrated former Baltimore Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis said that although he understood what Kaepernick was doing, he should “take the flag out of it.”

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