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Scott Baio’s Hollywood clout gets him a quick response after reaching out to ‘Hillary’s body double’

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Actor Scott Baio’s in “the acting biz,” so he might know a thing or two about body doubles.

After Hillary Clinton’s collapse at NYC’s Sept. 11 memorial, all kinds of theories ran wild. Including one where Clinton was accused of using a body double to emerge from her daughter Chelsea’s apartment, giving the impression she was perfectly healthy. 

“Hillary’s Body Double” trended on Twitter after a seemingly spry Clinton popped onto a New York City street hours after she buckled and nearly face-planted before being whisked away.

It’s strange, just like this whole campaign season is strange, which is probably why many people believe that absolutely anything is possible.

Baio, wanting to make sure of the whereabouts of Hillary’s most famous impersonator, made a joke.

Teresa Barnwell was quick to respond and notified Baio that she was in L.A.

But not everyone was buying it, perhaps not even Baio who ended up retweeting the following response to Barnwell:



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