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Hillary ally on campaign’s secrecy over her health: a ‘self-inflicted f**king nightmare’

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It seems many fellow Democrats are finally growing tired of their candidate being plagued with scandal and secrecy.

Clinton collapsing while trying to make a quick exit from a Sept. 11 memorial was the final straw. The incident was captured on video, and showed Clinton buckling, about to do a face-plant, before being propped up by her handlers.

Instead of going to the hospital like most normal people, she was whisked away to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment. At first, the campaign made the excuse that Clinton was dehydrated and had become overheated.

When it became clear the public was not going to buy that excuse they disclosed that she was diagnosed with pneumonia days before.  But why wouldn’t they have just come out and said that?

Actor Steven Seagal had a busy night, EXPLODING on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama!

The debacle was nothing more than a “self-inflicted f—ing nightmare,” a Clinton ally told The Hill.

A second ally couldn’t agree more.

“Why couldn’t the campaign just have been aboveboard about this?” the second ally told the Hill. “She got sick. Tell people she’s sick and move on. I know they thought it would give the right-wingers something to pounce on, but who cares?”

The Clinton team has been in full damage control mode ever since, and campaign spokesman Brian Fallon vows the candidate’s medical records will be release in the coming days.

But will it be too late, and will the American public believe the “records?” Democrat David Axelrod tweeted his frustration over the weekend, but tried to give Clinton some cover by calling the constant deceptive tactics a “penchant for privacy.”

Nice try.



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