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Clinton leaps from sickbed to counter Trump’s charge that she has no child-care plan – or, so it appears

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Hillary Clinton may have decided to take a two-day sabbatical from the campaign trail because of health concerns, but she was apparently still hanging on Donald Trump‘s every word.

Flanked by daughter Ivanka, the GOP nominee outlined his child care policy plan in a speech Tuesday night, noting that for many families, childcare remains the largest expense.

“Yet, very little meaningful policy work has been done in this area — and my opponent has no childcare plan,” Trump said of rival Hillary Clinton.

“She never will and if it ever evolves into a plan, it’ll never get done anyway,” he added. “All talk, no action.”

All of which spurred Clinton up out of her sickbed and into action, ( or so she would make it appear).

Borrowing a tactic from Trump, the Democratic nominee quickly had her minions take to social media under her name to insist that she does indeed have a plan ( * any tweet that is personally from Clinton is signed with “- H” ):

And while the details of her plan were available at the provided link, Clinton offered no rebuttal to Trump’s charge that any plan she may put forth would “never get done.”

Trump also called for six weeks of government paid maternity leave for new mothers in Tuesday’s plan proposals.

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