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‘Hillary’s body double’ trends after previously limp Clinton spryly pops out of daughter’s apartment

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After Hillary Clinton collapsed Sunday in New York City and reemerged about an hour and a half later from her daughter’s apartment, conspiracy theorists began to circulate a rumor that they weren’t the same person.

It was hard for some to marry the two images of Clinton, one of her limp body being dragged into an SUV and whisked away from the ceremony and the second of a chipper, spry woman posing for pictures with a child and telling reporters she was “feeling great.”

Here’s a summary of the fun . . .

One popular observation was that Clinton appeared thinner when she left Chelsea’s apartment.

Another was that it seemed Clinton didn’t have her usual entourage and security when she reemerged.

It wouldn’t be the first time a world leader used a body double.

Former Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein was notorious for his use of decoys.

Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and even Osama Bin Laden all also used body doubles to keep enemies off of their trail.

Many thought the idea was ridiculous, but some who said they were skeptical at first,  started to wonder.

Carmine Sabia


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