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Judge Jeanine Pirro: ‘You started it, Hillary, let’s have at it’

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Fox News host Jeanine Pirro dedicated her Opening Statement Saturday to blast Hillary Clinton’s denouncement of half of Donald Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables.”

Pirro, who has repeatedly endorsed the Republican presidential nominee, said that Clinton’s assertion the night before caused her to throw out her previously drafted Opening Statement to go after the former secretary of state.

Clip via Fox News Channel

“So Hillary is basically calling a huge portion of Americans ‘deplorable and irredeemable’. Now, I don’t consider myself deplorable—but since you started it, Hillary, let’s have at it.”

Pirro began by taking the Democratic presidential nominee to task for her hypocrisy as a “so-called feminist, who supports countries that force women to cover every part of their body but their eyeballs.”

Then she noted the timing of Clinton’s statement.

“And you want to call us Islamophobes? On the eve of the 15th anniversary of 9/11, if I’m from Lower Manhattan, San Bernardino or Orlando and I’m afraid of a Muslim jihadist, I’m an Islamophobe?” she asked, before figuratively tearing from limb to limb.

“You, Hillary are a liar, and a pathological one at that. You’re a cheat. You’re dishonest. You’re condescending, arrogant and contemptuous,” Pirro said. “And if you think that your half-assed apology will wipe the slate clean you are wrong.”

She concluded that “I can’t trust a president who doesn’t think I’m worthy of being an American.”

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