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Was Hillary’s CNN interview 2 days before her collapse a sign of things to come?

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A CNN interview of Hillary Clinton made two days before she collapsed in New York during the city’s 9/11 memorial service may have been showing us signs of her deteriorating health.

The interview was made on Friday, two days before the Democrat presidential nominee was seen collapsing as she tried to get into her Secret Service vehicle after leaving New York’s 9/11 ceremony early for “medical reasons.”

During her interview with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, Clinton looks distant, halting, and is seen constantly pausing–perhaps for a breath–as she answered questions. Also during the Interview, Hillary is very subdued, speaks very quietly, often pauses, some times breathes out her words as if she is congested, and at one point a slight wheeze is heard as she breathes.

Whatever is going on in this interview she just seems drawn, tired and without energy. While it is certainly hard to tell for sure, her health scare only two days later makes one pause to think.

This was only a few days before Hillary had to leave the 9/11 memorial early because of a “health issue.”

Naturally the media closed ranks around their favored nominee by dismissing Hillary’s startling collapse as merely a “stumble,” while others bought her claim to be 100% OK only a short time later.

But despite that the media is doing its best to blow off any concerns over her increasingly delicate health, GOP nominee Donald trump had a more clear-eyed assessment of Hillary Clinton’s health. Trump also wished Hillary a speedy recovery and said he’d release a detailed report on his own health.

H/T GatewayPundit.com.


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