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Frustrated with crime in his neighborhood, this Chicago man hired his own police

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One Chicago resident is so tired of the crime in his near North Side neighborhood he just hired his own police force to patrol the streets and with over 500 murders in the city thus far this year, it’s no wonder.

How are those strict gun control laws working out for you, Chicago?

Local community leader De Mudd decided that the Chicago Police Department just can’t be everywhere so hired several off duty police officers to patrol the streets, Chicago’s CBS affiliate reports.

“It’s not cheap,” CBS reported. “Mudd says he’s paid $5,000 since mid-August and anticipates spending $50,000.”

Off duty CPD officer Howard Greer/ says he and several other off duty police officers now walk the streets in the area six days a week, eight hours a day, to scare off the drug dealers, the loiterers and the prostitutes.

But while De Mudd is happy he has helped make his own neighborhood safer, he hopes others will take up his cause, too, so that the crime isn’t just shifted elsewhere.

“I have solved the problem for my neighborhood, but what I’ve done is I’ve just pushed the problem to another street corner in Chicago,” he said. “That’s not the results that we, as citizens, should be looking for.”

Sadly this solution won’t work for every neighborhood. Mudd’s neighborhood is near the city’s tony Gold Coast area and many of the residents there have money. What about where crime is at its worst in the South Side neighborhoods that now resemble war zones more than they do neighborhoods?


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