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Clinton campaign has a convenient ‘diagnosis’ for collapse AND cough, but there’s one problem they missed

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff announced Sunday that the reason the former secretary of state left the September 11 event early and has been saddled with hacking episodes when speaking is that she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

That, no doubt, is supposed to not only explain her health issues once and for all, but also give the candidate the sympathy vote.


But in reality, that explanation brings up more questions than it answers.

Video of Clinton’s hurried departure from the Ground Zero memorial showed her buckling and stumbling as she was tossed into her van “like a side of beef.” Clinton’s campaign issued a statement from her doctor later Sunday revealing that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier.

Nevermind that her credibility is so shot, people struggle to believe it, but it also doesn’t explain the coughing episodes. They’ve been occurring (and recorded) for for at least the last eight years.

The spinmasters on Team Clinton must have missed that part.


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