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If you see a black man in a USMC cap and the most epic Donald Trump shirt ever . . . expect great things!

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When it comes to race in America, we sure have a long way to go!

Sadly, if you’re a black man who dares to appear in public wearing [gasp] Donald Trump apparel, you can expect to encounter persecution, or at the very least some odd looks and a few questions.

The tragic stereotypes remain, but thankfully there are those who dare to break them, dare to hoist themselves out of government ‘slavery’ and the Democratic vice-grip.

One such person is someone who calls himself Darnell Truther, and he just posted video on Twitter of an encounter he had with a fellow black man at an airport who asked him about the epic Trump T-shirt he was wearing (it’s worth watching just to see that!).

When the man questioned his Trump support and told him he thought “all black people were going to vote for Hillary,” Darnell asked to film their upcoming conversation for the world to see.

So, without further adieu, watch this black Trump supporter, wearing a USMC hat, shatter this man’s preconceived notions and bring him along the path to common sense and real, true freedom.

It’s a joyful thing to watch.

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Scott Morefield


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