Details emerge on why SEAL hostage rescue failed; Obama was golfing, refused to approve it in time

Two hostages remain in captivity because President Obama couldn’t be bothered to approve their rescue while he was on vacation, according to defense officials familiar with the details who spoke to Fox News.

On Aug. 10 a team of Navy SEALS was ready to pounce on their target in eastern Afghanistan to rescue two English teachers, U.S. citizen Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks, when they were suddenly told to stand down, Ami Newswire reported.

The SEALS could not get the go ahead because Obama didn’t have time, while on vacation at Martha’s vineyard, to give his approval and wanted 24 hours to consider it.

When he finally did give the order a day later the SEALS launched their mission.

Seven enemy combatants were killed, and one injured, in the raid.

“We raised hell in that compound,” a security staffer with knowledge of the attack told Ami Newswire. “We knocked down walls and killed bad guys.”

“No civilians were killed or harmed,” CENTCOM director of public affairs Col. John J. Thomas said. “No U.S. forces were killed or hurt.”

But no hostages were rescued as they were moved four hours before the SEALS arrived on Aug. 11.

“We had the hostages within reach,” a source told Ami Newswire.

“The first time we went in, we had to stand down,” the source continued. “The second time, the hostages were gone. Our special operations team went all that way for nothing.”

One official told Fox News the SEALS could have proceeded if they felt the hostages lives were in “imminent danger” but that was not the case.

Other officials with knowledge of the situation expressed frustration with the failed mission.

“The hostages didn’t have the luxury of time,” one official said. “The president was on vacation. How could he not find time to approve this mission?”

The SEALS had everything in motion and were ready to carry out the mission. All that was needed was Obama’s approval, but when the radio came on that’s not what the team heard.

“‘The president can’t make time on his schedule to give the go-ahead,'” a security source told Ami Newswire.

What was so pressing that had the president’s attention on Aug. 10 when the SEALS requested permission for the rescue?

From 10:30 a.m. – 3:19 p.m he golfed, according to White House pool reports. On Aug. 11 his pressing schedule included more golf from 12:57 p.m. – 5:39 p.m while two lives hung in the balance.

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