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Beyonce’s sister rants how angry black women don’t feel safe in ‘white spaces’ – and her ‘proof’ is priceless

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The younger sister of Beyonce is apparently as obsessed with race as her superstar sibling.

On Friday night Solange Knowles went on a social media rant about the perceived dangers of being black in a “white space” after a group of women asked her to sit down during a concert.

Naturally the thought never occurred to Knowles that perhaps she was ruining the concert experience for other people by only caring about herself and her enjoyment.

No, to her it had to be because she was black.

But her tweets proved Knowles to be the racist with statements like black women “don’t bring the drama,” and correcting people who tell her she lives in Louisiana by telling them “I live in a city w THE most incredible, beautiful black. folk.”

But it wasn’t “bye haters” as her unhinged rant continued.

Carmine Sabia


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