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Longtime Democrat Senator calls the timing of Obama’s $1.7 billion payment in cash to Iran ‘unusual’

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Even President Obama’s supporters are raising eyebrows over the timing of cash payments the administration has been making to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hasn’t the White House heard of wire transfers?

Fox News clip via The Washington Free Beacon

During his appearance Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Sen. Mark Warner called the timing of the administration’s $1.7 billion payment to Iran “unusual.”

The administration also made what has been described as a “ransom,” another cash payment of $400 million to Iran — concurrently with the release of four American hostages.

Warner defended the payments themselves and the White House’s use of cash — but the timing was something else altogether for him.

The issue was raised to Warner by Fox News and Fox Business host Neil Cavuto.

“Despite people’s views on this, it was brokered into the deal that it was timed around the release of these hostages, which got some people alarmed that we had just paid for those hostages’ release,” Cavuto said.

“Now, hey, listen, I thought the timing was unusual,” the Virginia Democrat said.

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