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Hillary Clinton campaign warns media to back off stories about her questionable health

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The Hillary Clinton campaign warned reporters to lay off reporting negative stories about the presidential candidate’s health issues. 

In other words, they don’t want the news media to do their job, which is somewhat ironic given that the Hillary campaign sent out a fundraising email complaining that NBC News’ Matt Lauer didn’t do his job as moderator for Wednesday’s Commander-in-Chief forum.

But, of course, that was about his questioning of Donald Trump — not Clinton.

The Hill reported the following on Thursday and sparked an outcry of outrage:

Campaign spokesman Nick Merrill took to task an NBC reporter who wrote about the coughing spell, posting on Twitter that the writer should “get a life.”

The five-paragraph story, by Andrew Rafferty, was titled “Hillary Clinton fights back coughing attack” and reported that the “frog in Clinton’s throat on Monday was one of the most aggressive she’s had during her 2016 run.”

One former aide told the Hill that the Clinton campaign wants to put pressure on the press. And Democratic strategist Brad Bannon agreed.

“I think the media deserves to be beat up on this because I think it’s ridiculous. I really doubt that any American really cares about this,” Bannon said.

“This is as trivial as you can get,” he added. “The media deserves pushback for giving so much coverage to this thing.”

Clinton has been subject to bouts of intense coughing since at least 2008, but she wants the media to “tread lightly” on that particular subject. The Hill tweeted:

And that prompted outrage in social media.

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Clinton’s health issues have even the medical profession concerned, but as far as she’s concerned, it shouldn’t be reported.


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