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Greta lets it out in remorseful post on Fox News, Roger Ailes: ‘I have regrets beyond Geraldo’s…’

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Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren responded to Geraldo Rivera’s Facebook post about his regrets in backing former Fox News head Roger Ailes, with one of her own.

Van Susteren said she had “regrets beyond Geraldo’s” as she too had stood behind Ailes when the allegations of another former Fox on air personality, Gretchen Carlson, came to light.

But since Fox settled with Carlson to the tune of a reported $20 million and issued a public apology, those who defended Ailes have begun.

It started with Geraldo’s post earlier the same day, for which social media lambasted him.

Van Susteren followed with her own on Friday, which included shots at Fox’s upper management.














The social media response to Van Susteren’s apology was much more kind than what Rivera received. One has to wonder if the genders of the two personalities had anything to do with it.

Greta’s page can be followed below:

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