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Washington D.C. must be so proud of itself for charging 2-year-old girl with crime of littering

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A Northeast Washington, D.C. resident was charged with littering this week, and fined $75.

The violator? An adorable two-year-old girl named Harper Westover, but who also answers to “Harpie” and “Lovey.”

Clip via Fox 5 News DC

The snafu began when city employees discovered an envelope in an alley behind the Westover home addressed to Harper, prompting the city to mail out a citation.

When Teresa Westover, the girl’s mother, phoned the city’s public works department to explain the situation, she was told they couldn’t do anything about it — despite the “violator’s” tender age.

“Can you believe they issued a ticket to her for littering?” Westover asked Fox 5 News DC. “And Harper at the time of course goes, ‘That’s not good,’ because we know that we don’t throw trash on the ground.”

Littering is a huge problem in this area of Washington, and neighbors want the city to get tough on litterers — but two-year-olds?

The department of public works issued this statement to the station:

“DPW’s Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Program is responsible for inspecting sanitation violations to ensure cleanliness is maintained throughout District neighborhoods. The work they do goes a long way toward minimizing rodent infestation and health hazards. Inspectors always evaluate the contents of the waste that appears to be in violation and use identifying information found within the waste to issue a citation. In this instance, we are working with the resident to gather the necessary documentation to dismiss the violation inadvertently given to the two-year old.


“Working to … gather the necessary documentation”? Why don’t they just drive out to take a look at the violator?

The envelope addressed to Harper, incidentally, was unopened and came from Bucky’s Buddies, a kids club for fans of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, her mother’s alma mater, The Washington Post reported.

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