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Speculation abounds as presidential forum viewers notice something fishy about Hillary Clinton’s ear

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The question burning up the internet after Wednesday’s presidential forum had nothing to do with national issues but Hillary Clinton’s ear.

Speculation that the Democrat presidential nominee was wearing an earpiece during NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief” Forum raised questions about whether she was cheating. The earpiece took over Twitter and actor James Woods didn’t hesitate to post tweets drawing more attention to what looked like a flesh-colored object in Clinton’s left ear.

A criminal to the very marrow of her bones. Why has #CriminalHillary not been indicted?

Woods also posted an image from the Wikileaks archive of Clinton’s emails showing Huma Abedin asking her boss Hillary, “Did u take your earpiece or do I need to get it?”

The conservative actor continued blasting Clinton as a liar, focusing on the alleged earpiece.

There was no end to earpiece posts on Twitter, as users offered explanations and criticisms.

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Frieda Powers


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