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Minnesota man confesses to heinous abduction and murder of Jacob Wetterling 27 years ago

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The hopes and prayers of the parents of a boy who’d been missing for decades were dashed when a Minnesota man confessed to being the 11-year-old’s murderer.

It was confirmed when Danny Heinrich, 53, led police to the boys remains, which were positively identified as those of Jacob Wetterling.

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Heinrich confessed in court Tuesday in graphic detail that nearly 27 years ago, he’d abducted and handcuffed Jacob on a lonely Minnesota road as the boy looked up at him and asked, “What did I do wrong.”

Shortly afterwards Heinrich sexually assaulted and murdered the boy.

Heinrich entered a guilty plea on federal pornography charges in return for the prosecution’s agreement that he won’t face state murder charges for his crime. He was also required to give a detailed description of of his crime, as well as the location of the boy’s remains.

“He’s not getting away with anything,” U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger said. “We got the truth. The Wetterling family will bring him home.”

Heinrich will likely be locked up for 20 years on the charge he pleaded guilty to — civil confinement is a possibility after that, meaning that he could be confined for life.

The Wetterling family was consulted on and agreed to the plea arrangement, which prosecutors said was the only way to get him incarcerated and retrieve the boy’s remains.

Following the court proceeding, Luger and Patty Wetterling, Jacob’s mother who became a national advocate for missing children, held a press conference.

“Finally we know. We know the truth. Danny Heinrich is no longer a person of interest, he is the confessed murderer of Jacob Wetterling,” Luger said at the news briefing.

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