Need more proof that Obamacare is swirling down the drain? Check out what’s about to happen in Nebraska

As the Affordable Care Act continues to wobble under its own poor design, residents in Nebraska are about to learn the hard way that someone has to be on the paying end of the Democratic Party’s wealth redistribution scheme.

…and pay dearly, as premium increases of 35 percent to as high as 50 percent are expected next year.

In the face of more health insurance providers dropping out of federal exchanges and younger people opting to pay the fine rather than purchase health insurance because its cheaper, premiums continue to climb — never mind President Obama’s promise that American families would see a $2,500 reduction in their health care costs .

The Omaha World-Herald reports:

A sampling of individual health insurance rates for Nebraskans next year shows increases that will average about 35 percent on the Affordable Care Act marketplace, with some increases near 50 percent.

But federal officials have said the law’s tax subsidies will offset such increases for three out of every four people buying the policies, allowing them to purchase coverage for $75 or less per month.

Figures issued Friday by the Nebraska Department of Insurance showed increases ranging from 12 percent to nearly 50 percent for a sampling of policies that would take effect Jan. 1.


But is all the calamity by design? A carefully constructed plan to force a public option on the country?

“There is something to be said that Obamacare’s structure was never meant to work,” Town Hall’s Matt Vespa wrote. “It was to create a slow decay of law in order for the progressive Left to make the case for single-payer health care. There may be something to that.”

A scheme that falls into line with the theory of never letting a crisis go to waste… it could even be said that Obama has been subtly setting the stage for just that

Obama was clear about wanting a single payer system before running for the White House and as recently as April of this year lamented over his signature healthcare law not having a public option or single payer:

Again in June in an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Obama called for Congress to revisit the “public option” in response to areas having limited providers, CNN reported.

“Some parts of the country have struggled with limited insurance market competition for many years, which is one reason that, in the original debate over health reform, Congress considered and I supported including a Medicare-like public plan,” the president wrote.

David Plouffe, one of Obama’s closest advisers, referenced a public option just last month on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” when host Chuck Todd asked if “bailing on the public option was a mistake” given the concern over Obamacare imploding.

“Well, I think the president’s spoken recently about that, you know, that he — I don’t think you could have gotten a public option passed, by the way. That wasn’t going to get passed. You know, we barely passed this thing,” Plouffe said, according to CNS News.

“So you know, I think — but at the end of the day, the president spoke of that,” he added. “And he thinks that’s part of the solution going forward.”

It’s beginning to look as if those who fought Obamacare tooth and nail before the bill was passed into law, critics who warned that single-payer was the end goal all along, may have been right along.

Tom Tillison


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