Fla. Walmart 9/11 tribute sets a new low for tasteless? ‘Please be a hoax, please be a hoax, please be a hoax’

While the free market is the only force in human history to uplift the poor, establish the middle class and create lasting prosperity, capitalism does have its drawbacks.

…like making a mockery out of national tragedies.

Capitalism helped make the United States of America the greatest country known to man, but a photo of a 9/11 tribute made out of Coke products, reportedly on display at a Florida Wal-mart, is proving to be just a little too zealous for some.

We must never forget that 2,606 people died in the World Trade Center on September, 11, 2001, adding to a total of 2,996 overall that fateful day.

And while it’s not entirely clear whether the display is real, the reaction on social media went back and forth between sick jokes and outright disgust.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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