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‘If men had periods’ hashtag backfires on feminists; they ticked off the transexuals!

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Just when you thought the modern-day feminist movement couldn’t get any more ridiculous comes this.

Known for being perpetual victims, many of those who view themselves as today’s feminists will literally complain about anything. And when you add a heavy dose of man-bashing to the mix (which is most of the time) … even better.

Hence the bizarre #IfMenHadPeriods hashtag that had some young and naive feminists dreaming of free and cheap tampons, if only…

Right, because that’s how it works. Men in legislative positions make sure only women pay taxes.


But it wasn’t long before the hashtag took an even more ridiculous turn, because apparently, some men DO have periods. And the hashtag was being labeled as transphobic, or something.


Wait a minute here, who doesn’t have a grasp on basic biology? Oh, these folks:

Thankfully, there was some sanity mixed with humor that came in and completely crashed the feminist party:

Ha, ha, ha!

It always goes back to politics, doesn’t it?


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