‘Snakes on a plane’: Some GLARING problems with Hillary’s traveling press corp didn’t go unnoticed!

Members of the press finally got a chance to ask Hillary Clinton questions directly but were cut short by the Democratic presidential nominee’s coughing fit.

After Clinton’s cough-filled speech in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday, she addressed questions from journalists aboard the campaign plane for about 30 minutes. She covered topics from her emails, the FBI summary report on her interview, classified information and  Russia before succumbing to another coughing spell.

Of course, the coughing interruption opened the door for questions about her health and the conspiracy theories surrounding it.

And speaking of journalists, Twitchy had this to say about the so-called racial diversity of the on-board press:

“Let’s hope the pilot has some industrial-grade sunglasses; get a load of the impressive racial diversity of the reporters on board.”

One has to wonder about the press who travel with a candidate and still purport to advance those hard-hitting questions.

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Frieda Powers


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