Relax, Nancy Pelosi says no need to worry if Hillary potentially let slip a few state secrets

The woman who famously said of the slowly collapsing Affordable Care Act that “we have to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it” has passed judgment on the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified material and has determined there’s nothing to be worried about.

Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi said during an interview on CBS’s “This Morning” on Monday that voters should not be bothered that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, America’s top foreign diplomat at the time, didn’t know the letter “C” in her emails marked confidential information.

“I think they shouldn’t be that concerned,” the San Francisco Democrat said.

So what if a state secret slipped out here or there, there’s plenty more where they came from… besides, Clinton was much too busy to get mired down in details.

“I think the secretary of state deals with a large number of issues, 30,000 emails; we’re talking about a few that may have been marked confidential,” Pelosi told CBS. “Classified … and secret, and highly sensitive, is where it becomes more problematic.”

She went on to say that Clinton’s actions “had no threat to our security” and that too much was being made over the Democratic nominee’s use of a private server.

“I think much too much is being made of this,” Pelosi said. “And I say that as the top Democrat on the intelligence committee for years. For years. This is really much ado about something. But too much ado.”

The Democrat leader then did what she does so well, dismiss an unfavorable issue as “a distraction” and pivot to attack the GOP-led Congress over the latest generic hot-button issues.

Tom Tillison


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