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Hillary’s Labor Day coughing fits blow up Twitter; is she sick or just allergic to questions?

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Is Hillary Clinton really sick, or is she just allergic to questions from the press?

That’s essentially the question Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway asked on Twitter after Hillary struggled with coughing fits throughout her Labor Day public appearances.

Clinton’s rough day actually started off at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio with running mate Tim Kaine when an early coughing fit caused her to drink some water and take a throat lozenge. She later joked that she was allergic to Donald Trump.

Later, on her campaign plane, Clinton tried to hold a ‘gaggle’ with the press, but this got interrupted by coughing as well.

Once she returned, Hillary explained it away by calling it “seasonal allergies,” as if this were an unusual event for her (it’s not).

When all was said and done, Hillary actually ended up answering about 12 questions from the press, one of which was:

Needless to say, the Twitterverse has been more than a little active on ‘sick Hillary’s’ latest coughing fits:



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