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His son was killed by an illegal immigrant. Now, one man has a powerful ally in Donald Trump.

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When the chips were down, Donald Trump did not let him down.

Jamiel Shaw has been an avid supporter of the GOP presidential nominee and spoke at the Republican National Convention in July in support of stricter immigration policies after his son was murdered by a criminal illegal immigrant in 2008.

Shaw has campaigned with Trump and the candidate mentioned him during last week’s immigration speech in Arizona, but the grieving father intentionally stayed away in light of media reports claiming that Trump was “softening” his stance on immigration.

“It was a very important place to be, but I have to make a stand,” Shaw told Independent Journal Review. “I was holding off to see what he was going to do. I wasn’t endorsing anything up front.”

Joining Trump on stage last week was a group called “Angel Moms,” comprised of women who have lost children due to crime by illegal immigrants, but Shaw was noticeably absent.


“I’m not an ‘Angel Mom,’ I’m not in that organization and I didn’t want to be labeled as such,” said. “I wanted to separate from it. I’m not wearing the t-shirt.”

Not that Shaw harbors any ill will toward the group.

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“I knew everybody on the stage and they’re good parents,” he said.

And while not present, Shaw took to social media to remind people that he has not gone anywhere:


As for Trump’s speech, Shaw pointed to the candidate’s proposals to enforce current laws, put an end to sanctuary cities and deport criminal illegal immigrants are consistent with “Jamiel’s Law.”

And he took no issues with Trump’s remarks.

“I can roll with it. I’ve been trying to get the same thing,” he said. “Deport criminal aliens and some people will self-deport when they find out the law will be enforced. Then it’s your fault if you’re still illegally here and enforcement happens.”

“Trump is going to do stuff FIRST. Nobody else has done that,” Shaw added.

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