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Donald Trump shares plan to stop future Kaepernicks

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On Thursday, Donald Trump began a speech to the American Legion in Cincinnati, Ohio, by announcing his vision of “promoting American pride and patriotism in America’s schools.”

“In a Trump Administration, I plan to work directly with the American Legion to uphold our common values and to help ensure they are taught to America’s children,” Trump said. “We want our kids to learn the incredible achievement of America’s history, its institutions, and its heroes…”

The media missed it entirely. But his vision for our schools is sorely needed, especially considering the horrific, anti-American, anti-police, BLM agenda being put forward in at least one significant network of taxpayer-funded charter schools in the Northeast.

The video, exclusive to BPR, contrasts Trump’s vision with that of Hillary and the liberals that have already begun radically trasforming American schools with the BLM agenda.

Shocking proof of what is already happening at 49 Uncommon Schools was documented and released to BPR by a teacher currently working in the system.

Note the shout-outs to Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter and Che Guevara.

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Scott Morefield


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