CNN anchor’s on-air request for a fact-check quickly confirms stunning Clinton claim

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin interrupted a guest and called for an “on-the-fly” fact check when the guest made what she thought was an unbelievable claim about Hillary Clinton.

To her surprise, and the surprise of the rest of her guests, he was spot-on accurate.

Donald Trump surrogate Boris Epshteyn claimed that Clinton and her staff destroyed Blackberries with hammers.

17,500 emails that she lied about turning over. The server wipe. Within weeks of there being a report that she had a private server, it was wiped,” he said. “She thought that ‘C,’ which stands for classified, stood for ‘cookie’ or something. She thought that drone strikes are not classified. She said that the reason she used a private server was for convenience, that she only had one device, she used 13 Blackberries … and five iPads. This is somebody who is absolutely disqualified from becoming president.”

Then he dropped the bomb about using hammers.

“They destroyed Blackberries with hammers in the State Department. That’s not what we want in the –”

“Evan, Evan, Evan,” she interrupted. “Hang on, Evan Perez, hammers? Fact check that for me please on the fly.”

“Yes, they did, Brooke,” Perez replied. “They did, in some cases, just destroy them with hammers when they were done using them.”

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