Eric Bolling explains his unique immigration idea for Trump: Establish ‘Mexican deportation stations’

Fox News Channel’s Eric Bolling offered his own alternative plan on dealing with illegal immigration in the U.S.

Bolling proposed a “very friendly” and “nice way” to handle deporting those in the country illegally by establishing “Mexican deportation stations.”

“When you’re in a foreign country and you go to the U.S. Embassy in a foreign country, you’re on U.S. land,” Bolling said, discussing the issue Thursday with his co-hosts on Fox News’ “The Five.”

“You’re not on foreign country land anymore,” he continued.  “You’re in U.S. territory, right? So, if you set up––let’s call them Mexican deportation stations within the United States, and an illegal who’s here with a family says, ‘You know what, I’ve been here for five years, I’m paying my taxes, I just want to be a United States citizen,’ they go to this island within the United States. You’re technically on Mexican land again, right? You’ve been deported, and you go back into society. I mean, that’s a way, and why is that so bad? That’s a very friendly way and nice way to do it, no?”

“I love it when you make these things up. I don’t hear this from the candidate,” co-host Juan Williams responded.

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Fox News video clip from Media Matters.


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