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US Marine blows the whistle on child rapists in Afghanistan, now he’s under fire from The Pentagon

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It’s a case in stark contrast to that of Hillary Clinton’s private server investigation.

Maj. Jason C. Brezler was asked to send information related to alleged sexual abuse of children by an Afghan police chief, but he mistakenly sent it using his personal Yahoo email address.

He quickly reported himself to his superiors and the Marine Corps. requested he be discharged because he mishandled classified information.

“Everyone who is familiar with it is shocked at how it turned out,” Brezler’s attorney Michael Bowe told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “Because no similar case has ever been dealt with the same way.”

Bowe said Brezler was being illegally punished for talking to Rep. Peter King about the case.

The Navy Department could have overruled the decision but, according to uncovered documents, decided not to because it didn’t want to bring attention to the scandal of sex abuse in Afghanistan.

“This was a dirty little secret for a while,” Bowe said. “The fact is that our soldiers, sailors and Marines were being told that they couldn’t do anything about this practice, where these Afghan leaders were keeping these boys as sex slaves, because it would insult them. And they were being told that by senior commanders who simply didn’t do anything about that.”

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